Master Bedroom Makeover: Closet Bifold Doors

Hey guys! I’m back after a two month break! We took a couple of short trips…one to Oklahoma and another to San Antonio. And we finally had that garage sale that we so desperately needed to have! Thank goodness for those who love to buy secondhand stuff! And believe me… they bought a lot of stuff!!

We can now get back to working on the house. ūüôā

At our last house, the master bedroom was one of the last rooms we did a makeover on and that was just before putting the house on the market. I told myself then that I wouldn’t do that again, as the master bedroom is a room you spend a lot of time in and should be a place you want to retreat to at the end of the day.

Therefore, our master bedroom makeover is underway! I have painted the walls (pictures coming soon) and have started painting the furniture. We also did a makeover this past weekend that made a huge difference in the bedroom. We transformed the bifold closet doors into paneled french doors!

Bifolds get the job done but aren’t very attractive. But a little trim, hardware, and some paint can do wonders to¬†the look of your closet doors!

master closet 2

What a difference! Let me show you how easy and cheap it is for your bifold doors to look this good!

Our Shopping List and Cost

lattice trim 1 3/4″ x 1/4″ – we used seven pieces – $49

2 – magnetic catches – $3.00

8 – 3″mending braces – $6

2 – knobs – $6

wood glue*

finishing nails*

wood filler*

primer & paint*

scrap wood*

*supplies had on hand

Step 1. Decide you can no longer live with these blah doors!

master closet

Step 2. This step will no longer allow the doors to fold! Yay!! Screw the braces onto the back of the doors along the folds. We did this step while the doors were still hung. I held the doors straight as Mr. screwed the braces onto the back of the door. We put four braces on each door to make it super sturdy!

master closet 7

Step 3. Remove the doors from the track. (our doors have a track on top and a bracket/pivot on the outer bottom of each door) Remove the inner pivot on top of each door.

master closet 3

Step 4. Add magnets to door/frame. These will be needed since the doors will be now be free swinging. To attach the magnet to the door frame, you may have to add a piece of scrap wood to the door frame, as we did. Attach plate to the top inside of the door.

magnet 2


Step 5. Once you have decided on your design, measure your trim and cut the pieces. Be sure to allow for clearance on the outer edge of the door where it swings behind the closet opening. (I drew a pencil line along the door before we took the doors down)

master closet 4

Step 6. We used wood glue and finishing nails to attach the trim to the doors. Continue to attach trim until you have completed your design.

master closet 6

master closet 5

Step 7. Fill old knob holes with wood filler and drill new holes. Once the wood filler is dry, sand smooth. Prime, paint, and add cute door knobs!

door knobs

Step 8. Hang your new paneled french doors!!

We are so happy with the way they turned out! And we get to check it off the master bedroom to-do list! YAY!!

  • paint walls/ceiling
  • paint baseboards/trim work
  • install plank wall
  • diy accordion closet doors into French doors¬†‚ąö
  • install shelving in closet
  • replace ceiling fan/light
  • replace bedroom door
  • replace flooring
  • replace recessed lighting ‚ąö

Y’all have a great day!

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