Dead Dress Bear aka My Wedding Dress

Where does time go? I just realized I hadn’t posted anything for over a month! I told myself that I was going to put the house updates on hold until I was able to sort thru all our boxes that were still packed, empty out our two storage units, get this place organized, and have a garage sale! This is taking longer than I thought! 😩

I have not unpacked all the boxes. We have not emptied out the two storage units. (We haven’t even emptied out one of the units!) I have not even touched getting this house organized. AND I’m not even close to being ready for a garage sale. Although, we have sold a couple of items on our community’s nifty message board. We have sold an exercise bike, a treadmill, an air compressor, a bed, and my yellow kitchen table! Yay to all those folks like us who like to buy secondhand!! 🙂

My mom also came to visit since I last posted. It was the first time she had been to visit since we bought the house. We had a couple of game nights with the girls and did a lot of eating!!

eating out
Original Mexican Cafe in Galveston
eating out 2
Hey Mikey’s Ice Cream in Galveston

And then Mr. and I went to Oklahoma for a week and just returned last Friday. Mr. had a conference/school that he attended in OKC and I got to spend the week with my mom. She has taken up quilting and makes some of the prettiest quilt, and also has started making these cute bears.


When talking to my mom a while back, we came up with the idea of making one of these bears out of my wedding dress. My wedding dress has been sealed inside a box since 1985, has been thru 10 moves in the last 31 years, and will never likely be worn again. Our daughter has always said it looked like a dead body when you opened the lid of the box! I would have to agree. It was kind of creepy.

wedding dress 1

So my dress and I made one last trip together to Oklahoma where it would begin a new life! My mom and I slit the tape on the box and pulled my dress out of it’s resting spot. It had been stuffed with paper so it would keep it’s shape. They did such a good job, the dress was able to sit up on the bed, which added to the creepiness!! I texted a picture of it to Mr. and my daughter to share the creepiness with them. (I’m thoughtful like that.) Her response…”Eww, it is so creepy!”  Mr.’s reply…”You’re making a dead dress bear?”

wedding dress 3
Reminded me of a scene from the movie “Beetlejuice”!

After staring at the dress for several minutes and contemplating how and what we were going to use from the dress, moma and I got busy cutting it up. We spent two hours cutting the patterns out, as the satin material was very slick and didn’t want to cooperate. Sidenote: this bear took us almost twice as long to make than normal due to the satin.

wedding dress 10
Bodice cut from the skirt portion
wedding dress 7
Satin trim from the bottom of skirt

wedding dress 6

As my mom worked on sewing the bear together, I cut pieces from the bodice to cover the torso part of the bear.

wedding dress 11
Bead and lace work on the front of the bodice
wedding dress 5
Lace work on the back of the bodice

After moma stuffed the bear and we sewed up the slits left for stuffing, I glued the bodice pieces on.

wedding dress 9

And seven hours later, I have a treasured keepsake!


I absolutely love it! My wedding dress is no longer sealed in a box and creepy looking!

Y’all have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Dead Dress Bear aka My Wedding Dress

  1. Hi Cari! Loved your post 🙂

    When I found it yesterday, I had to send it to my mom & we both were cracking up because I got married a few years ago & my wedding dress is preserved in the same way! So it always looks really creepy. So funny to hear that you think that, too! And also, what a creative way to re-purpose your wedding dress 🙂


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