Brightest House on the Street

It was quite a shock when I pulled up to the house and it was no longer blah beige! It is BRIGHT, to say the least! In fact, it’s the brightest house on the street!

exterior 7

It’s partly cloudy today and I can’t get a true color with my camera. The house is a little brighter than what it looks like in this picture; Mr. and I absolutely love it!!

A little side-by-side, what-a-difference shot!

exterior before and after

We decided to have the garage door painted the same as the house instead of going with the white as on the trim. We also had the concrete piles painted white; they were previously left bare concrete, which was basically the color of the house! I think these two decisions make the house look more finished.

Did you notice that the old hurricane shutters have been taken off the windows? We are having new ones made and should be installed in a couple of weeks. The old ones were original to the house and were rusty and broken! And they blocked the sunlight! And I couldn’t live with that!! 🙂

So now that the exterior has been painted, I can work on painting the front door and doing a front porch makeover!

Y’all have a great day!

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