When You Stop Believing in Santa, You Get Underwear!

Hopefully, you still believe and undies won’t be under your tree on Christmas morning! And for those of y’all who have little ones that wait for Santa to come down the chimney or use his “special” key for the front door, I have something fun and easy-peasy to make for Santa’s reindeer. It’s a sack of “Magic Reindeer Hay”. We made these several years when our daughter was little. Right before bedtime, we would put Santa’s cookies and milk on the table by the tree and went outside to sprinkle food for Rudolph and the rest of the gang!

Magic Reindeer Hay

All you need is a lunch-size brown paper sack, some scrapbook/construction paper, and hay. Ribbon is optional. You can either print off the poem on a printer or let the kids write it with crayons or markers.

Poem and directions on tag on the front of the sack:

Magic Reindeer Hay

It’s the night before Christmas,

Santa will soon be here.

We give cookies to Santa

Now let’s feed his reindeer!


On Christmas Eve,

Just before going to bed,

Sprinkle the reindeer hay on your lawn.

Jump into bed and quietly listen for Santa.

For he and his reindeer will soon be here!

Mr. and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and hope you get everything you wish for!

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